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Man Causes Heated Debate After Bed Started Growing Green Shoots

A Chinese man caused an online sensation when he revealed his wooden bed appeared to have sprouted shoots.

He showed images of the two green saplings growing up from behind his pillow, saying that he liked the idea of a tree canopy to look at when he woke up in the morning, and said he was planning to leave it and see how far it grew.

He also looked more closely to see whereabouts on the bed the shoots were coming from after some people question whether it was really a tree growing from the bed, and whether it could have survived with the wood being dried, dyed and varnished.

Two saplings grew on the head of a man’s bed in Shijiazhuang, China. (1749863561/AsiaWire)

He said that he then found that in fact the shoots of the new plant appeared to have forced its way through the floor and then curled up around the bottom of the bed before emerging in front of the headrest so that it looked as if they were one.

He is convinced that it is a sycamore tree because one was cut down outside recently and they have a lot of life, but whatever the plant is, it does not appear to be a tree as the stem is more fleshy than woody which is typical of young trees.

The owner of the bed, identified only by the surname Mr Tian, said whatever it was he liked it, and was planning to leave it to stick to his original plan of getting a green canopy to wake up to in the morning in the city of Shijiazhuang of North China’s Hebei Province.

Two saplings grew on the head of a man’s bed in Shijiazhuang, China. (1749863561/AsiaWire)

One online commentator suggested that it might be a phoenix tree, which is the mythical home of the Phoenix and therefore perhaps the owner is a phoenix man? Another suggested the bed might be carried up into the sky by the growing plant if he was not careful.

However, he insisted that he was not superstitious, and letting it grow is simply a bit of fun.

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