Man Escapes Through Window To Avoid Ticket Inspector

This is the moment of a fare dodger escapes through the window of a tram when he spots a ticket inspector and then gives the official the finger as he flees after hopping onto the pavement.

The unidentified man escaped through a tram window when the ticket inspector asked if he was paying the fare in the city of Cherkasy in the Ukrainian federal subject of Cherkasy Oblast.

These strange moments witnessed by the passengers inside the tram were recorded with a cell phone camera.


The video, which got many likes and comments, was shared by Taras Khvyl on Facebook on 16th April with a note, “This is how violators run away before the police arrive.”

In the video, it can be seen that the young man who was stuck for a moment while trying to pass through the window of the tram, manages to come out of the window among the gaze of the confused passengers, showing his middle finger to the official once he is safe outside.

Local news outlet Unian reported that the police were called to the scene.


A Facebook user named Maks Cheh commented on the video Taras Khvil shared, claiming that he knew the man and that he had a 1.5-year-old daughter.

Some netizens also commented, saying that the man was drunk and what he did was inappropriate.

However, there were also people who supported the man. A Facebook user named ‘Cherkasova Ukraina’ commented: “Maybe he had no money. And maybe they closed the door, and they didn’t let him out. So he found a way out. I support him for his entrepreneurial spirit.”


The police have not yet made a statement as to whether the man has been identified.


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