Middle Lane Hog Drives Along Busy Motorway With Wheel Missing

This is the moment a stunned motorist films a middle-lane hog driving along a busy motorway in Majorca in a car with a wheel missing.

The incident was filmed on the MA-13 motorway near the town of Inca in the holiday island of Majorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands earlier this month.

A stunned driver came across a motorist on the motorway who was hogging the middle lane in a blue Citroen C3 with damage to the front and a wheel missing.

In the footage, the front of the Citroen is seen scraping along the tarmac as the nonchalant driver, apparently topless, maintains a constant speed along the busy motorway.

Some people noted that the blue car appeared to have been an accident, as there seemed to be damage around the area of the missing wheel.

However, police said there was no evidence of an earlier crash at the moment, despite the fact that the damage appeared to indicate the driver had been in an accident, and decided to carry on anyway.

They also pointed out that it had been smoking from the friction caused as the metal hub scraped down the asphalt as it drove near the Alcampo hypermarket.

However, the Citroen driver was apparently putting other road users at risk and the Spanish Civil Guard was alerted about the video.

As a result, a police investigation is now underway. It is unclear if the driver has been tracked down yet.

The video was shared by representatives at SocialDrive, an app that gives motorists up-to-date information on road accidents and other traffic incidents.

A SocialDrive spokesperson told Newsflash: “What we know about the incident was that drivers were hooting at the man because his car was making a lot of noise.”

The spokesperson added that the SocialDrive has been available since 2014 and “currently has the largest community of motorists in Spain”.

Article 380 of chapter IV of the Penal Code warns that the man could face a lengthy sentence, saying: “Anyone who drives a motor vehicle or moped with manifest recklessness and specifically endangering the life or integrity of persons will be punished with prison sentences of six months to two years and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for a time greater than one and up to six years.”

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