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Moment Cute Kid, 3, Serves Cigarettes To Customer At Family Shop

This is the moment a cute three-year-old Chinese girl sells a packet of cigarettes to a customer in her family’s shop.

The incident was filmed at the family’s minimarket in the landlocked Chinese province of Guizhou at the end of August.

The owners decided to let their three-year-old child manage the shop for a while and showed her the ropes.

Child (3) serves customers in a store in Guizhou, China. (Liao915022570/AsiaWire)

The girl’s family said this was the first time the child has attended the shop on her own, and that she did a great job.

In the footage, the girl is seen standing on a chair to peer over the counter as a man enters the minimarket and apparently points out that he would like a specific pack of cigarettes.

The young girl politely asks a few questions before taking the correct brand and running the product under the scanner.

Child (3) serves customers in a store in Guizhou, China. (Liao915022570/AsiaWire)

However, she apparently makes a slight mishap by offering the product to the customer without asking for the cash first.

The man points out that he has to pay and the girl moves to the till and starts to ring up the cigarettes for the customer.

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