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Moment E-Bike Explodes In Fireball In Cramped Lift With 4 Adults And Baby

This is the moment an electric bike explodes in a huge fireball in a cramped lift with four adults and baby.

The incident was filmed in a residential building in the city of Chengdu in the southern Chinese province of Sichuan on 10th May.

According to the news site Baidu, a man got into the lift with an electric bike that started to smoke and exploded as soon as the doors closed.


Four adults and a baby were in the lift at the time and all occupants were taken to hospital for various degrees of burns injuries, according to building residents.

Meanwhile, a team from the Chengdu Fire Department was sent to the scene to deal with the incident.

There have been no further updates on the lift occupants’ condition.


In the CCTV footage, the e-bike owner is seen standing in the lift with two other men and a woman holding a baby.

As soon as the doors close, smoke appears at the back of the bike before a huge fireball suddenly fills the lift.

The lift is then consumed by smoke as the lights apparently go out.


The local authorities have yet to confirm whether they are investigating the incident.

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