Moment Huge Landslide Covers Street And Damages Roadside Homes In China

This is the moment a huge landslide blocks a main road in China in front of scared onlookers and damages several nearby houses.

The incident took place on a main road near the town of Nanxi in the Chinese county of Yunyang at around 10am on 16th April.

A large cliff section broke away after a period of rainstorms and blocked the G348 road with over 7,000 cubic metres of earth.


The incident led to traffic delays to the towns of Shuangtu, Dayang, Shimen, and other nearby communities.

The Yunyang County Government sent traffic police and emergency teams to the area to cordon off the affected section of road and organise detours.

Pedestrians and local residents were advised to evacuate the area as the local authorities worked through the rest of the day, night, and the following day to clear the landslide and reopen the road.


Several roadside houses were damaged in the mudslide although no further details were given as to the extent of damge.

In the footage, a large section of the roadside bank is seen crumbling onto the street below as onlookers gasp.

The landslide ends up blocking the street and apparently damaging the front of several roadside properties.

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