Moment Influencer Jumps From City Bridge Onto Passing Ferry

This is the moment a Turkish influencer jumps onto a moving ferry from a city bridge, promptly leading to his arrest.

Yunus Emre Ozer filmed the stunt at Galata Bridge, spanning the Golden Horn in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Yunus, whose previous pranks have included climbing on a moving city bus, posted the video on Instagram for his 130,000 followers.

According to the news site Hurriyet, the influencer jumped from Galata Bridge onto the roof of a ship passing by underneath.

The incident was spotted by crew members and Yunus was taken to the captain’s cabin before being handed over to the police.

He was reportedly released by the police shortly afterwards, and it is unclear if he was charged with committing an offence.

In the footage, the influencer is seen jumping onto the roof of the ferry from the Istanbul bridge.

As a pal films from the bridge, Yunus raises his fists in triumph as the ferry makes its way along the Golden Horn.

Instagram user ‘Mstfa.yurek’ commented: “What are you doing?!”

Netizen ‘Talhactlbs’ said: “One day you will be beaten up bad, don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

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