Moment Lorry Driver Drowns In Waterlogged Pit While Being Towed

This is the moment a Kazakh driver drowns when his lorry tumbles into a mud-filled pit while being towed by an excavator.

The driver of the Kamaz lorry was killed in a pit near the village of Shortandy in the northern Kazakh region of Akmola on 17th April.

According to the news site, the lorry tumbled into a mud-filled pit while being towed and the cab was instantly filled with icy, muddy water.

Ruslan Lazuta/Newsflash

Colleagues ran to the heavy goods vehicle and tried to rescue the driver but could not reach him in the murky water, so the lorry was pulled back onto the dirt road.

The driver was eventually pulled out of the cab, but had reportedly already drowned to death.

The victim has been identified as a 26-year-old man from Kazakhstan’s southern Kyzylorda region who had been living in the northern capital Nur-Sultan.

Ruslan Lazuta/Newsflash

The victim, who was identified as Daniyar, was also the father of young twins, according to

The local authorities have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

In the footage, an excavator is seen towing the yellow lorry backward along a dirt track running alongside the pit.

Ruslan Lazuta/Newsflash

However, the lorry gets too close to the edge of the track and topples into the waterlogged pit.

Colleagues jump into the icy water to try to save the driver as the cab appears almost completely submerged in the pit.

The rescuers get out of the pit as the excavator driver manages to lift the lorry back onto the track on its side.

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