Moment Sneaky Fox Steals Camera From Unsuspecting Tourist Filming Volcanic Eruption

This footage shows a sneaky fox running up to a camera that a tourist had placed on a rock to film a volcano and grabbing it between its jaws before making a run for it as people laugh in the background.

The tourist, who has not been named, had set up the camera to film a volcano on Russia’s eastern Kamchatka island, which is located in the eastern Russian region of Kamchatka Krai, but the fox had other ideas.

The footage, which has been shared and widely viewed on social media, shows the fox running up to the camera and clasping it between its jaws. It then makes a run for it as people laugh in the background, with viewers only able to see the moist inside of the fox’s jaw.

A fox stole a video camera from tourists on the ground in Kamchatka, Russia. (CEN)

The tourists, all mountaineers, had wanted to film the Shiveluch volcano, which is the largest and most active volcano in the area, spewing considerable amounts of lava. Shiveluch is also the northernmost active volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Luckily for the mountaineer whose camera was pinched by the fox, it reportedly lost interest in it later on and its owner was able to retrieve it, according to Turkish media outlet Haberler.

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