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Villagers Band Together To Rescue Two Beautiful White Whales Cut Off From Sea In Russian Far East

Villagers have been praised after they banded together to rescue two beautiful white whales that were left stranded on the coast in Russia's far east. Inhabitants of the Topolovka village northeast of the Magadan region joined forces to rescue the two belugas that ended up beached during low tide. The two belugas had swum towards Topolovka village in Kolyma chasing herring, but they ended up trapped when the tide went out, leaving them stranded on the beach of the Gizhiginskaya Bay. Two white whales who remained on the shore, because ...
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Macro Photographer Gets In The Face Of Scary Spiders And Chilling Creepy-Crawlies

The fearsome beauty of the insect world has been captured by this macro photographer who specialises in getting up close and personal with spiders and bugs that most people prefer to keep well away from. But the work of Malaysian photographer Loo Kok Hua, 59, shows incredible detail just how remarkable and strangely beautiful many of these much-maligned insects really are. Much of his work in particular focuses on spiders, capturing even the tiniest detail of their faces and bodies. A photo of Hyllus diardi male, by LOO KOK HUA, ...
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Vienna Zoo Celebrates First Birthday Of Cute Cheetah Quads With Carboard Boxes

These cute and playful cheetah quads are celebrating their first birthday today at an Austrian zoo by enjoying the warm weather in their outdoor enclosure. Two of the four are females called Sibaya and Malkia, and two are males named Tuli and Paka, and all four live at the world's oldest zoo, the Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo in Austria's capital Vienna where they turn one-year-old today on 22nd June 2021. Zoo Director Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck said: "The four of them are almost as tall as their mother. Sometimes you have to look ...
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Incredible Volcano Footage Released to Warn of Dangers Of Copying American Volcano Defying Daredevil

These amazing images showing red hot molten lava underneath a cooling crust that has been shared to show exactly how deadly walking on lava fields can be. The footage was shared with newsflash by Donatas Arlauskas, who filmed it in the Natthagi valley near Fagradalsfjall volcano in Southwest Iceland last Sunday (20th June). He said that the volcano had been releasing lava non-stop since March, and told Newsflash: "I would like you to share these videos. People need to see how dangerous it is to walk on solidified lava!" Lava ...
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Photographer Who Spends Hours to Capture These Moments in Time

It may only be a moment captured in time but it often takes hours of patience waiting to snap these amazing images. The stunning wildlife images are the work of an Indonesia photographer who spends hours every day patiently waiting for the opportunity to snap rare and exotic animals at exactly the right moment. The images are taken by Ajar Setiadi, 53, who has been a photographer since 2013. A photo by Ajar Setiadi, 53, showing a eagle eatinga snake . (@ajarsetiadi/Newsflash) Setiadi, who uses several Nikon cameras with a ...
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Wild Boar Takes 2 Separate Trains On The Hong Kong Metro

This is the moment a wild boar gives Hong Kong Metro staff the runaround and reportedly boards two different trains before being caught and released into the wild. According to The Straits Times, the piglet managed to slip under the ticket barrier at Quarry Bay Station on Hong Kong Island in south-eastern China and board a train on the afternoon of 18th June. The video was shared on Facebook by the Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group where it has been viewed nearly 200,000 times. Young wild boar sitting on ...
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Cuddle With Pretty Flamingo That Tells A Story Of Habitat Loss

This is a video of a hug with a pretty flamingo in the Caribbean that tells the tragic story of shrinking habitats for one of the world's most iconic birds. The flamingo in the Caribbean is not yet officially listed as endangered, yet on the ground people like Elly Albers who runs a bird century has seen an explosion in the number of birds in distress as their habitat dwindles. The human demand for water has impacted on flamingos particularly, not just in the Caribbean but worldwide, and the prognosis ...
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