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Never Completed Hotel Complex That Started In The Mid 90s Is Finally Demolished

This is the moment a massive new building project that was never completed after being plagued by corruption and mismanagement is finally blown up after 20 years of legal wrangling.

The building is located in Shanghai’s Qingpu District which said that the authority to demolish the building had been provided by the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The project was supposed to be for a hotel and apartment complex being built by the Shanghai Huacui Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Shunpu Hotel in Qingpu District, China, was formally demolished by blasting. (AsiaWire)

The immediate area was evacuated before blasting, with many people in nearby houses told to make sure that the close windows because there was likely to be a huge amount of dust. They were also advised to stay away from windows in case they were shattered by flying debris, and cars were also moved.

Then after 30 minutes of a siren blast, the detonation took place with the building collapsing downwards and then toppling on its side on 4 August.

Demolition crews who carried out the detonation had also made sure that they had sprinklers and fog cannons to reduce the amount of dust, which appeared to also be quickly dampened down with minimal dispersal.

Shunpu Hotel in Qingpu District, China, was formally demolished by blasting. (AsiaWire)

The ill-fated building project began in the mid-1990s with the property constantly changing hands and moving into new companies until it eventually collapsed when the firms were unable to repay the loans, as they were not getting any income from the still-unfinished project.

In 2010, several people that worked on the project were jailed for corruption over the illegal use of public funds to build the project. But 10 years later it had not been completed, and the decision was then taken to demolish it.

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