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New Pavement Bollard Trips 3 Chinese Citizens Looking At Their Phones In 1 Month

This is the moment a newly-installed pavement bollard in a Chinese city becomes the undoing of three pedestrians – all gazing at their phones – in a month.

The bollard was set up last month on Shiyou Road in the city of Longchang in the southern Chinese province of Sichuan.

The stone post was installed at the edge of a pavement and has caused several residents to trip and fall to the ground.

A stone pier trips passers-by in Longchang, China. (AsiaWire)

A CCTV camera at the scene has recorded three citizens coming a cropper in just one month.

Meanwhile, local residents have reportedly complained that it is unclear what the bollard is doing there and labelled it a danger.

It is also unclear if the local authorities plan to take any action over the stone post in light of the accidents.

A stone pier trips passers-by in Longchang, China. (AsiaWire)

In the first scene, a young woman is seen walking straight into the bollard while looking at her phone. She falls forwards while her snagged shoe ends up being flipped in the air.

The second scene shows another young woman tripping over the post while also looking at her phone.

In the third incident, a young man trips and falls forwards while also apparently keeping up to date with his socials on the move.

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