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Woman Dumps Boyfriend In Middle Of Nowhere For Abandoning Her Dog Because It Was Not A Pedigree

This is the viral moment a woman takes her boyfriend to the middle of nowhere on the pretence of gifting him with a puppy before she abandons him for dumping her dog because it was not a pedigree. The incident was reportedly filmed in Mexico and the footage was shared on Facebook by the group ‘Enterate de Algo’ where it has been viewed 17 million times. According to the local media, the man, name not disclosed, abandoned his girlfriend’s dog called Navy because it was not purebred. Woman (right) takes ...
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Cologne Zoo Welcomes Extremely Rare Dancing Lemurs From The USA

A zoo in Germany has welcomed an extremely rare pair of dancing lemurs native to northwest Madagascar which were brought from the Duke Lemur Center in the USA. Two medium-sized lemurs of the sifaka genus Propithecus (Propithecus coquereli) or commonly known as Coquerel's sifakas settled in the Cologne Zoo in the German city of Cologne in the end of May 2021. The animals are nicknamed dancing lemurs because of the way they move as if they are dancing around the floor. One of the two new sifaka lemurs that were ...
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Athlete Pipped To Triathlon Finish Line For Doing Silly Celebration Too Early

An athlete has missed out on winning a triathlon after he did a silly celebration early and ended up being overtaken a whisker before the finishing line. A spectator filmed the tragicomic scene as it unfolded at the triathlon in the city of Sagunto in Spain's eastern Valencia Province on Sunday 20th June. The footage shows how Mateo Bustos sees nothing between himself and the finishing line, so he decides to slow down and do a fist pump and a funny walk while facing the crowd Athlete Mateo Bustos celebrating ...
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Astrophotographer Discovers ‘Hidden Dragon’ Constellation And Plans To Release It As An NFT

This is the only image in the world showing the constellation Cygnus in such depth and detail, and it has taken 10 years to create. J-P Metsavainio, 57, is a nature photographer who captures photons that have travelled millions of years through the vacuum of space to build meticulous creations of exquisite celestial detail. He started his project to photograph Cygnus in 2010, and after finishing it in December 2020, he is ready to release it to the world where it will become part of the hottest new craze in ...
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Giant Swastika On Bottom Of Private Swimming Pool At Brazilian Mansion Is Covered Up After Probe

A Brazilian man who called his son Adolf has been forced to cover up the huge swastika on the bottom of his swimming pool after prosecutors started an investigation. Wealthy history teacher Wandercy Pugliesi's admiration for the Nazis was exposed when police were carrying out a search as part of a kidnapping case using a helicopter. While carrying out the investigation, officers spotted the offensive symbol at the bottom of the huge swimming pool in the municipality of Pomerode in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The swastika in the ...
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Egyptian Women Jailed For Innocent TikTok Dances

Egyptian TikTok users Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham have been jailed for 10 years and six years respectively for uploading innocent dance clips. The Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Hossam to 10 years in prison with a fine of EGP 200,000 (GBP 9,191), while al-Adham and three others were jailed for six years with the same fine. According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm, all five defendants were charged with human trafficking, because there social media profiles were designed to encourage young women to also join video sharing platforms and post ...
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Baby Eats Cockroach While Mum Is Busy On Mobile Phone

This mangled selection of insect body parts was all that was left after a baby picked up a live cockroach and ate it in front of his horrified mum. The shocking incident happened in Indonesia when the mum was busy on her mobile phone and not able to react quickly enough when boy picked up the cockroach and stuffed in his mouth. She said she was so shocked that she initially didn't react as he chomped onto the insect, and by the time she ran over all that was left ...
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