Panda Trying To Reach The Top Of The Tree

This is the moment a giant panda tries to reach the top of a tree in Russia.

The footage was filmed at the Moscow Zoo in the capital of Russia and posted on Instagram on 30th March.

The huge panda bear is named Ruyi and belongs to the species Ailuropoda melanoleuca. It is native to South Central China in the genus Ailuropoda, the family Ursidae.

As can be seen in the video Ruyi tries to climb as high as possible in the tree and according to the Zoo, he does it, certainly not for bees or honey.

The panda bear that is ready to reach the top of the tree in Moscow Zoo, Russia, on 30 March, 2021. (@moscow_zoo_official/Clipzilla)

In fact, like other bears, they simply love to climb.

The appearance of this bear is well known to everyone, a massive body covered with thick black and white hair, thick short limbs with wide paws and powerful claws.

The weight of an adult panda can vary over a wide range, from 70 to 160 kilograms and the length from 120 to 180 centimetres.

The giant panda is so different from other species of bears that for a long time it was considered either a relative of the raccoon or then singled out into a separate family.

At present, the disputes of taxonomists have stopped, opinions have agreed that it is still a bear, previously separated from the ancestor common to all bears.

Until 2016, the giant panda was listed as an endangered species, but now its status in the International Red Book has been changed to “vulnerable species”. This was facilitated by the radical measures taken by the Chinese government to protect this animal. The result was the first recorded population growth of the species.

Currently, the panda has officially declared a national treasure in China and is unofficially a symbol of this country.

Chinese law provides for the death penalty for killing them.

The footage with the Ruyi caught the attention of many animal lovers who were quick to comment like the user ‘ mariya_epil_msk’ on the Instagram platform who said: “So clumsy, you can watch him for hours.”

Another user named ‘_stummeschreie_’ on the same platform commented: “Ruyi always cheers up.”

And user ‘rusalochica’ added: “He climbs, and I’m always afraid that he is about to fall.”


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