Parents Outraged As School Teacher Traumatises 6yo Children With Explicit Reproduction Classes

Parents in Vienna are outraged after a teacher told children as young as six how to use a condom and explained that “girls can also use their fingers”.

The female teacher, who was not named by Austrian media, reportedly used a female doll to explain sexual intercourse to children between six and 10 years old in the city of Vienna.

After telling the embarrassed and highly disgusted young ones that they “should use a condom if they don’t want to make babies”, she explained that girls could also use their fingers to achieve sexually satisfaction.

The city of Vienna in Austria where elementary school sexual education lesson provided by a teacher highly disturbed children. (Newsflash)

Additionally, one boy was transferred to another school by his parents after he told the teacher that he was disgusted and did not want to listen to the lecture but was told he had to.

In an interview with local media (Krone), parents complained: “We have never seen our son like this before, he was completely overwhelmed. He should rather change schools.”

The parents also reported: “We can already see the consequences: a few days after these disturbing lessons, a classmate of his came to our house. Like many times before, our 10-year-old daughter also joined them. This time he [the classmate] suddenly wanted to pull her pants down.”

President of the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy Dr. Peter Stippl who criticised the Austrian’s sexual education. (OBVP/Newsflash)

Another concerned father added: “The teacher explained that they can use condoms if they don’t want to make babies. The children cannot do anything with this information, they are still too young!”

President of the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy, Dr Peter Stippl, stated that the teaching method is completely wrong and said: “It scares the children! They get a wrong approach to the topic and their natural limit of shame is violated.”

According to Dr Stippl, “sex education must always be age-appropriate and development-appropriate. Many children are six, seven or eight years old – or even when they are older – they are still not interested in sexual intercourse.”

President of the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy Dr. Peter Stippl who criticised the Austrian’s sexual education. (OBVP/Newsflash)

Stippl hoped that the state will involve the parents when structuring the lessons and urged them to be observant.

Vienna’s Vice Mayor and City Councilor for Education Christoph Wiederkehr said that said that they are investigating the case.

Ministry of Education spokesperson Mathias Klein explained that they are examining which associations to include in sexual education in the future and said: “We are currently in the process of making a quality-assured offer available to third parties. If there are any uncertainties, schools can contact the clearing houses in the federal states.”

Austrian People’s Party (OVP) spokesperson Jan Ledochowski advised parents to report disturbing experiences to authorities.

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