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Pekinese Dog Owner Stabbed To Death Because His Tiny Pet Had Barked At Larger Dog

A German dog owner whose pet boxer was barked at by a smaller Pekinese that was unable to bite as it had recently undergone jaw surgery was so angry, he allegedly ended up stabbing the smaller dog’s owner to death.

Real estate agent Maik R., 52, from the city of Leipzig in Germany, was stabbed to death after his petite Pekinese called Wolli barked at a boxer that belonged to IT technician Thomas S., 34, in November 2020.

The tiny Pekinese was not on a lead at the time and had run over to the much larger dog while walking with its owner in the park near Dr Herrmann Duncker Street.

Fifty-two-year-old Maik R.’s Pekingese Wolli that allegedly attacked 34-year-old Thomas S.’s dog Rubi after which the younger man stabbed the 52-year-old in the head in the city of Leipzig in Germany. (Newsflash)

The Pekinese owner who was walking with his 16 year old son had felt that the dog was not a threat because it had recently undergone jaw surgery, and could barely eat, never mind bite, according to the dead man’s wife.

But because the tiny Pekinese was not its lead, the older man and his son had not managed to intervene in time before it ran up to the boxer, named Rubi, barking loudly.

Angry boxer owner Thomas S. had then accused Maik R. of having a dangerous dog which he claimed had attacked his own pet.

Maik R., 52, from the city of Leipzig in Germany who got stabbed in the head by Thomas S., 34, who sought revenge after his dog was attacked by the victim’s dog. (Newsflash)

Feeling that the owner of the Pekinese was not repentant enough, he had gone home and got a baseball bat which he then took with him to try and confront the older man at his home, and when he realised he was not there, he had gone back to the park and waited for him.

When he spotted Maik R. on his evening walk, he had then allegedly ambushed him and stabbed him in the head.

Maik D. died in the hospital five days later, while the 34-year-old man was arrested for manslaughter.

Thomas S., 34, who sought revenge after his dog was attacked by 52-year-old Maik R.’s dog after which the he stabbed him in the head in the city of Leipzig in Germany. (Newsflash)

Prosecutor Torsten Naumann said at the start of the trial on Tuesday on 18th May 2021: “When you finally met him on the corner of Jadassohn Street, you pushed him into a bush and at the same time stabbed him in the temple with a nine-centimetre knife.”

According to his neighbours, Thomas S. had previously expressed aggressiveness towards anyone that would get close to Rubi and “nobody was allowed near the dog”.

The 34-year-old man is charged with manslaughter and faces up to fifteen years in prison.

The trial continues.

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