Phoenix Officer Helps Accommodate Woman That Had Nowhere To Go With The Help Of Angels On Patrol

Phoenix, Arizona, 14th July

The Phoenix police department shared a video showing the kindness of one of their officers who selflessly helped a woman who found herself on the streets with nowhere to go.

It all started when a Phoenix police department officer noticed a woman weeping outside while driving through his neighbourhood in Phoenix, Arizona on the 14th of July.

He came to a halt to check on her and the unidentified woman shared with him that she had nowhere to go. The officer immediately contacted “Angels on Patrol” an organization that provides officer-initiated support to community members in times of crisis.

Through the organization, the woman was given a place to stay for a few days. When the officer brought the woman to the hotel, another stranger who was checking in overheard their conversation and wanted to contribute as well.

The stranger also offered the woman a 100 dollar bill (GBP 73) to assist her.

The Phoenix Police Department thanked the people who were immediately ready to help: “Thank you to that stranger; compassion is contagious. Thank you, Angels on Patrol, for providing resources for our police to assist people in need”.

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