Phone Still Works After Plummeting 30 Storeys When Wind Whips Selfie Stick Out Of Mans Hand

This is the moment a man films a picturesque cityscape from a high-rise building at sunset before a gust of wind blows his phone from his hand – filming its 30-storey plummet and remarkably still working after crashing to the ground.

Mr Yi Xiao was filming the view of Nanjing City in the Chinese province of Jiangsu with his phone attached to a selfie stick when it was blown from his hand on 13th September.

He said he was on the 30th floor filming the clouds hanging over the city when his phone plummeted to the ground and was incredibly still operable afterwards.

Seconds before phone falls from 30th floor and records the process in Nanjing, China. (Mr.X_smile/AsiaWire)

He said a strong gust whipped the selfie stick from his hand and the phone fell over the side, adding that he was worried that it might have hit someone on the ground.

The plummeting phone did not hit anyone and Xiao discovered that his phone was still working afterwards, however, he will have to buy a new selfie stick as he said this one was badly bent out of shape, perhaps bearing the brunt of the impact during the fall.

While checking his phone, Xiao found that it had filmed the 30-storey plummet, and he shared the footage on the social network Douyin.

Phone falls from 30th floor and records the process in Nanjing, China. (Mr.X_smile/AsiaWire)

He added that he was pleasantly surprised to find the phone still usable after such a fall.

It was not revealed what make a phone it was.

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