Photographer Conquers Social Media With Enchanting Images Of Greek Landmarks

These are the stunning images of Greek landmarks taken by photographer and internet sensation Kostas Kapranis.

Kostas Kapranis, who grew up in Germany and later moved to the Greek town of Alexandroupolis, boasts 10,000 followers on Instagram where he shares his photography collection.

Kapranis,27, who is an architect, said he was “attracted to photography when a camera found its way into my hands”.

A photo of Kostas Kapranis, 27, from Alexandroupolis, Greece. (@kostas_kapranis/Newsflash)

Kapranis told Newsflash: “Since I can remember, I can say for sure that I feel most alive when I am outside, discovering, searching for new adventures.”

About his fascinating images, the passionate photographer explained: “I use effects and filters because I believe they let you illustrate your true self in photography, in this way the subject of my pictures usually has a protagonist, sometimes people or objects.”

Kapranis describes his hobby as a way to fulfil his dream of travelling: “I was fascinated by the idea of travelling to all corners of the earth, and it remains my ultimate dream. My life today is only the result of that. I believe that passion is a powerful sentiment hidden deep inside us until it is awoken.

A photo of a small island by Kostas Kapranis, 27, in Nisda Aga Kal, Greece. (@kostas_kapranis/Newsflash)

“Photography has been a big part of my life as it is often the gateway to express myself without having to speak“.


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