Photographer Wows With Images Of Greek Islands And Ancient Sites

This Greek photographer has amassed a large online following for his stunning images of the country’s famous idyllic islands and ancient sites.

Dionisis Kaminaris, 49, is a civil engineer from Cephalonia, the sixth largest island in Greece.

He told Newsflash: “Cephalonia is most well known for its stunning beaches. There isn’t a lot of tourism, but it has a good reputation for its organisation and cleanliness.”

A photo of Dionisis Kaminaris, 49, from Kefalonia, Greece. (@diokaminaris/Newsflash)

Dionisis said that he joined Instagram, where he now boasts over 70,000 followers, in early 2012 when the platform was mainly a photography community, “a big school of artists from all over the world” as he called it.

He added: “I am passionate about photography and I love to share what my eyes capture and communicate that moment to a bigger audience.

“I love taking pictures in Greece and I think anyone can understand why: Greek-island life, archaeological sites, sunsets by the sea, and coastlines with emerald waters are my favourites.

A photo of Dionisis Kaminaris, 49, from Kefalonia, Greece. (@diokaminaris/Newsflash)

“I really don’t have a specific subject although I avoid using people in my photos.

“I love to do visual photos sometimes with images from different photos of mine just to create a dreamy environment, as I did recently with the birds at sunset.”

Dionisis told Newsflash: “I created the @wu_greece Instagram page in 2013 and I’m very proud of it. The tag has 2.4 billion photos while the #greece tag has 39 billion.

A photo of Academy of Athens by Dionisis Kaminaris, 49, in Panepistimiou St, Athens, Greece. (@diokaminaris/Newsflash)

“Sometimes it happens that people with no subject and knowledge about photography do not appreciate my work but this is the reality, people are different.”

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