Pink And Red Flamingos Return To Their Outdoor Aviary As Spring Nesting Season Begins

This is the moment red and pink flamingos excitedly return to their open aviary with a big pond at Moscow Zoo to enjoy the warm weather after being stuck inside all winter.

In the video, the flock of birds can be seen excitedly running towards the pond while flapping their wings. The birds immediately position themselves with their feet in the water.

According to Moscow Zoo, this is a procedure that the flamingos are familiar with. Since the winter is too harsh for these birds to be left outside in Russia, they spend the winter in a warm room.


In spring, when the temperatures are stable enough they are let outside into their pond area.

The flamingos seemed very excited about this change as they ran outside and fussily expected their open-air enclosure.

While the youngsters were splashing around, flamingo couples began looking for nesting sites.

The Moscow Zoo say that the pink and red flamingos nest annually. The process usually begins with the couple carefully choosing their place- they can take the one they had last year or choose a new one.

In the struggle to find a better position, skirmishes occur between the birds.

When the disputes are over, the couple begins building a nest from clay in a separate part of the open aviary.

The flamingos would spend their spring and summer days in the open aviary and then return to the heated ‘winter aviary’ in autumn. These birds can tolerate low temperatures quite well and they can remain near the pond until the water begins to freeze.

The relocation of the flamingoes is usually organized earlier in autumn since among the offspring there may be immature chicks.

Both in the summer and in the winter aviary, the birds live quite close together. Living wing-to-wing makes the flamingos feel safer.

In nature, they also live in large dense colonies.

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