Russian Fleet Shoot Missile System “Basalt” In The Black Sea For The First Time In Recent History

For the first time in recent history, the Russian warship launches supersonic missile cruiser ‘Moscow’ during a live-fire exercise in the Black Sea.

The missile firing was performed in the Black Sea area.

A video of the live-fire drill was released by the Ministry of Defence of Russia recently.

Ministry of Defense of Russia/Clipzilla

One day before the missile shooting, the crew of the Black Sea Fleet which operated the cruiser, went to sea to conduct combat training exercises in accordance with the plan for preparing the ship to perform tasks for its intended purpose.

The personnel of the flagship conducted a complex of special exercises with the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as air defence training with the crews of aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation and fleet air defence.

In the course of practical actions, the crew of the cruiser ‘Moscow’ successfully used the main missile system ‘Basalt’ of the ship and confirmed its readiness to perform the full range of tasks.

The crew fired the ‘Vulkan’ missile from the main missile system for the first time in modern history.

The shooting was carried out on a sea shield-target, imitating the ship of a mock enemy.

The missile successfully hit the target at the naval training range at a distance of 30 kilometres.

To ensure safety, the naval training ground and the adjacent water area where the missile firing was carried out was closed to navigation.

More than 20 warships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet took part in the closure of the area.

The Vulkan firing happened shortly before the arrival of two Royal Navy warships in the middle of deep tension in Ukraine over fears of a Russian invasion.

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