Russian Rapper Hits Punch Bag And Knocks Over Toddler Son

This is the viral moment Russian rapper GeeGun swings at his punch bag and accidentally knocks over his toddler son.

The video was filmed by the rapper’s gorgeous wife, model and businesswoman Oksana Samoylova, 33, and was later shared on her Instagram page where she boasts a huge army of 14 million followers.

Samoylova also assured fans that her one-year-son David was unhurt in the incident.

Russian rapper GeeGun, who accidentally ‘knocked down’ his son, pictured with him and wife. (@samoylovaoxana/Newsflash)

In the clip, GeeGun is seen taking a swing at the punch bag just as his young son toddles over.

The punch bag barely moves, however it shifts enough to apparently hit the youngster and unbalance him.

The tot falls to the grass and starts crying as both parents laugh and GeeGun goes over to pick him up.

GeeGun’s wife Samoylova Oxana pictured with her son. (@samoylovaoxana/Newsflash)

The clip went viral on Instagram with 5.1 million views and over 14,000 comments.

According to local media, the celebrity couple, who recently split due to the rapper’s wild lifestyle and reconciled soon afterwards, are often spotted spending time together as a family.

GeeGun, a big name on the Russian music scene, boasts 4.9 million followers on Instagram and is a keen practitioner of MMA.

The one-year-old son of Russian rapper GeeGun who was accidentally knocked down while his father was trying to box. (@samoylovaoxana/Newsflash)

Instagram user ‘Grigorievaanastasya’ commented: “Father of the Year!”

Netizen ‘Kenzhebaeva_07’ joked: “Me and my life in one video!”

‘Mrs.misha29’ said: “Games with dads always end the same!”


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