Russian Tank Blasted To Smithereens In Ukrainian Precision Strike With MoD Saying The Queue To Hell Is Now A Little Longer

This video shows a Russian tank being blasted to smithereens in a huge fireball and plume of smoke in a Ukrainian precision strike, with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence saying the “queue in Hell has become a little longer”.

Newsflash obtained the footage from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of Ukraine today (Thursday, 24th March). The MoD said: “Fresh. Enjoy. The queue in Hell has become a little longer.”

The MoD did not state whereabouts in Ukraine the incident was filmed. The images appear to show a Russian tank on the ground through the lens of an aerial military vehicle. After a few seconds, the Russian war machine explodes in a large fireball, with smoke rising rapidly into the air.

Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian tank, on 23rd March. (@MinistryofDefence.UA/Newsflash)

According to the Ukrainian authorities, the Russian Armed Forces had lost nearly 15,800 personnel, 530 main battle tanks, 1,597 armoured combat vehicles, 280 artillery units, 82 MLR systems, 47 air defence systems, 108 warplanes, 124 helicopters, 1,033 military vehicles, four vessels, 72 fuel tank trucks, 50 operational and tactical-level UAVs, and 16 units of special equipment as of yesterday (Wednesday, 23rd March).

Although the Russian Armed Forces have managed to occupy swathes of northern, eastern and southern Ukraine since they launched their invasion, on 24th February, major cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa still remain in Ukrainian hands, and there are even signs that the Ukrainians are forcing the Russians out in some areas.

Despite the Ukrainian MoD’s withering judgement of killed Russian soldiers, apprehended Russian soldiers, many of whom are young conscripts and have relatives in Ukraine, have claimed to their captors that they had been “duped” into battle by their superiors and were reluctant to fight their neighbours.

This may be one of the reasons why Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said, in a press conference on 22nd March: “We certainly have indications that morale is a growing problem inside the Russian forces that are fighting in Ukraine. We’ve seen increasing indications that morale and unit cohesion is a problem and yes, absolutely translates into potential military effectiveness issues.”

Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian tank, on 23rd March. (@MinistryofDefence.UA/Newsflash)

The United Nations has said that the invasion has so far resulted in nearly 4 million refugees and over 6.5 million internally displaced people.

NATO, the G7, and the European Union all meet today in Brussels. It will also be the first time that a US president will attend a European Union summit, with Joe Biden making the trip across the Atlantic to attend all three meetings.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said at a press conference yesterday evening (Wednesday) that the NATO meeting is a “pivotal moment for our security”.

The UN’s International Court of Justice has ruled Russia’s invasion of Ukraine illegal and has ordered Russian President Vladimir Putin to remove his troops immediately.

Ukrainian military destroyed a Russian tank, on 23rd March. (@MinistryofDefence.UA/Newsflash)

Former British Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Gordon Brown have called for the creation of a Nuremberg-style international tribunal to investigate Putin. And David Cameron has, more recently, said: “Putin belongs in a war crimes tribunal.”

The proposal has been co-signed by numerous influential figures, including Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Benjamin Ferencz, who is 102 years old and who prosecuted Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg.

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