Severe Storm And Heavy Winds Rip Through Louisiana


Strong winds and flooding from several storms in the US state of Louisiana resulted in numbers weather-related emergency calls.

The south-east of the state experienced heavy rain pour with strong winds and since Tuesday afternoon major damages have been reported.

Louis Armstrong International Airport registered wind gusts of 48 mph (77kmph). The New Orleans area also reported a rainfall of 3.5 inches (nine centimetres).

U.S. Coast Guard Station Grand Isle/Clipzilla

Because of the strong wind homes ended up being torn apart, trees were knocked down into roads and houses and there was a severe power outage. While heavy rain flooded the streets.

Netizen Cliff White posted a video recorded on Tuesday in Grand Isle, showing the scary weather circumstances on his Twitter account.

In the video the road cannot be seen because it’s completely flooded, while strong winds blast around creating terrifying sounds.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Grand Isle/Clipzilla

Grand Isle suffered severe damage and a school is currently closed with all school activities and events are cancelled.

The Phoebe Hearst Elementary School in Matairie, also reported that a part of the roof of the school was torn off.

Lafourche Parish Fire District reported that they have responded to 19 weather related emergencies in just three hours.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Grand Isle/Clipzilla

The road conditions were far away from being safe so Grand Isle Fire Department assisted to some calls.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Grand Isle remind citizens that the situation has not completely calmed down and there is still significant hazards to life and property with the flooding and lighting.

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