Shepherd Sold Flock To Pay For Wifes Plastic Surgery Who Dumped Him And Kids

A Turkish shepherd has revealed how he sold his flock at a cut-price so that his depressed wife could have plastic surgery to look beautiful – and she dumped him shortly after to move to the city.

Yalcin Okur, a 39-year-old shepherd and father of three living in the northern Turkish province of Samsun, said that he was madly in love with his 26-year-old wife of more than a decade, identified as Meral Okur.

But she was depressed about life passing her by and losing her looks, and in order to cheer the mother of his three children up, he had agreed to pay for plastic surgery.


He said she had got the idea of having surgery after going to visit her cousin Busra, and saw the cousin had undergone nose surgery that she said ‘looked fantastic’.

He realised that she was serious when she told him that she was determined to have plastic surgery even if she ‘died on the operating table’, and not wanting her to go to a backstreet clinic, he sold the sheep so that it could be done properly.

He was therefore been under pressure to do a quick deal to sell off his flock, which he did at a considerable loss, and his wife then booked the operations.


However, he was devastated when she returned with spectacular good looks and announced that she was dumping him for a new life in Istanbul. It was not revealed what she had had done but it is believed to have included a nose job like a cousin.

He said that he had been together with his wife since she was 15, and he had thought that having plastic surgery would make her happy.

But instead, after the operation was complete, and she had emerged with her great new looks, she had abandoned him and the children.


He said he was now cursing the day that he had agreed to her request, as he was very happy with how she looked previously.

He said: “I told her that I love that the way she looks. I explained to her that I am a farmer and I do not have the money for it. She was desperate now and I felt sorry for her. I sold my entire flock for half the price so she could have the surgery.”

He said he hoped that when she had been satisfied they would be able to rebuild the farm together but now he was left with no sheep and no wife.


The news outlet Acunn told the TV Show named ‘Esra Erolda’, which was broadcast on the Turkish TV channel ATV, that the Shepherd should not be surprised.

Meral’s cousin Busra, who connected to the television programme by phone, said: “Meral was 15 when they got married. She had three children. Now she is a 26-years-old woman. It is understandable that she wants to experience life as a strong, independent woman.”


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