Singing Care Home Nurse Vows To Keep Bringing Smiles To OAP Faces

This singing care home nurse who used his dulcet tones to lift spirits high during the difficult times of the pandemic says he still loves his job and plans to keep bringing smiles to patients’ faces.

Jose Insua, age not disclosed, is a nursing assistant at a care home in the municipality of Fisterra in the north-western Spanish province of Coruna.

Jose told Newsflash that the idea of singing to his patients came naturally as he and his family often sing at home.


When asked if he thinks his singing helps the residents at the care home he said: “I don’t know how much it helps them, but when I look at their faces I can tell it lifts their spirits.”

Jose who took his course in assistant nursing at a local school says he always wanted to work at the nursing home, which plays a crucial role in taking care of elderly residents from nearby towns and villages.

He worked through the COVID-19 pandemic which he described as an extremely “dark” and “difficult” time in the nursing home.


He said: “I would do my best to keep my patients smiling by walking into rooms with a big smile, dancing and singing.”

In one of his most popular clips, Jose is seen wearing a full hazmat suit while singing to one of his patients.

The clip has racked up 45,200 views and 3,632 likes with hundreds of comments saying how heartwarming it is to see someone making an effort to keep elderly patients happy during the pandemic.


Jose said: “I love my work because it allows me to help those who need it most.

“However, without doubt, the most difficult times I’ve faced here have been during the pandemic.”

Jose, who now has 20,100 followers on TikTok, said he is looking forward to the day when all his colleagues and patients are vaccinated and able to hug each other again.

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