Snake Appears To Have Legs And Hop After Swallowing Large Frog

At first glance, this snake looks as if it has grown legs and is managing to hop after trying to swallow a frog.

The footage was filmed by Franco Barrera, a fly fishing guide for the company Untamed Angling SA, in the Isiboro Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park in the Bolivian Amazon jungle.

In the video, the snake apparently has its mouth around the frog’s head as the frog tries to hop to freedom and shake the snake off.

A snake caught a frog and tried to eat it in Isibiro Secure National Park, Bolivia. (@franco.lokon357/Newsflash)

The frog uses its powerful legs to try and get away from the snake by leaping into the air, but the predator apparently refuses to give up its hold and eventually subdues its prey.

Franco, who has been working in the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia for four years, told Newsflash: “I was having lunch with clients next to the Secure River when I saw the snake come out of the bushes and start jumping, which at first seemed really strange.

“So I got closer and then we saw that it was trying to eat a frog.”

A snake caught a frog and tried to eat it in Isibiro Secure National Park, Bolivia. (@franco.lokon357/Newsflash)

He added: “I’m not sure what kind of snake it was, but it looks like a xenodon merremi, commonly known as Wagler’s snake, which is non-venomous. It was really crazy!”

Franco told Newsflash that he was a passionate angler who spent his own free time fishing when he was not working as a guide for others, and added that he was a keen nature watcher.

He added: “ As a guide I can say that nature can sometimes be brutal but this is the charm of animals in the struggle for survival.”


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