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Stork Struggles To Drink With Smashed Beak After Being Chased At Zoo By Child

This is the moment a poor stork struggles to drink water with its broken beak after reportedly being chased by a young zoo visitor and hitting a hard object that caused the serious injury.

The incident was filmed by a stunned zoo goer at a tiger park in the city of Changchun in the Chinese province of Jilin on 3rd May.

The cameraperson said the Oriental stork had a broken beak and was struggling to drink water.


According to the news site Baidu, a child was spotted chasing the bird two days before on 1st May.

The stork ran into a hard object and not only broke its beak, but also injured its legs in the incident.

The Red List of the (IUCN) lists Oriental storks as ‘endangered’ and local animal protection groups called on the local authorities and media to help the bird.


According to Baidu, the bird was sent to an animal hospital on 3rd May for treatment to its injuries.

There have been no further updates on the stork’s condition and treatment progress.

In the footage, the stork appears to have leg injuries as well as the obviously shattered beak as it tries to drink from a water bowl.

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