The Atlanta Police Department’s Air Unit Partners with Zone Officers to Catch Car Thieves

Atalanta, Georgia, 1st August

Air Unit helps Atlanta Police three suspects fleeing inside a previously carjacked vehicle.

Atlanta Police spotted a previously carjacked vehicle occupied by numerous men in Atalanta, Georgia on 1st August. Officers attempted to pull over the vehicle, but the driver sped away.

Some time later the driver of the stolen vehicle crashed into a wall on the highway and collided with another vehicle before wrecking at 300 Windsor Street.

Two of the men exited the damaged car and fled on foot, while the third remained inside.

With the help of the air unit, officers were able to apprehend all three suspects, subsequently named Jayelin Hill, Jabbaari Rhoden, and Montavious Pippins Jr and all three were securely transported to the Fulton County Jail.

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