THE OW-MEN: Satanic P0rn Star In Agony From Giant Bo0bs

Satanic porn star Sabrina Sabrok is facing emergency surgery to shrink her giant boobs after being crippled by back pain.

The 51-year-old adult actress – whose breasts weigh an astonishing 36 kilogrammes – revealed the news to her fans.

She said: “What’s coming is that I’m going to remove my ‘boobies’, because my back is already hurting and I’m getting therapy and everything but the doctor told me I’m going to have to take them out, urgently.”

Satanic porn star Sabrina Sabrok. (@sabrinasabrokreal/Newsflash)

She added: “I don’t want to, because just think, without ‘boobies’ I’m not me; but yes, I have to reduce them. As much as possible.”

Sabrok – real name Lorena Fabiana Colotta – also raised eyebrows by inviting recently-single Shakira to participate in an adult film with her.

In an interview with local media, she asked the 45-year-old Colombian singer: “Shakira, if you want to participate in my porn production company to make something super extravagant and show yourself off, because you’re beautiful, I’m here.”

Satanic porn star Sabrina Sabrok. (@sabrinasabrokreal/Newsflash)

Sabrok – who has a million followers on Instagram – revealed that she is busy making porn films and trap music with her husband Alexandro Hernandez, who is 15 years her junior.

Sabrok has had more than 50 plastic surgeries, and each of her breasts is said to weigh a whopping 18 kilogrammes (40 lbs).

She hit headlines in 2019 when she had her face tattooed with occult symbols after having earlier that year launched her own cult.

Satanic porn star Sabrina Sabrok. (@sabrinasabrokreal/Newsflash)

At the time, she offered fans the chance to make pacts with the Devil and ‘Our Lady of Holy Death’, as well as learn how to cast love charms and speak with the dead.

She also claimed to be able to talk with Satan himself, and said: “Everything I do is because I made a pact with him.”

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