This Picture Of A Smiling Young Woman Was Taken On Her 25th Birthday Shortly Before She Was Stabbed To Death

This is the happy picture taken of a young woman as she celebrated her 25th birthday shortly before she was stabbed to death by her jealous husband.

Lorena Patricia da Silva, 25, was walking home with her sister when the attack happened in the municipality of Taipu in the north-eastern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte on the night of 17th April.

The alleged killer, identified as her husband, Neilson Coutinho Alves, 29, has now gone on the run and is being sought by cops. They said that the young woman’s sister was also injured and hospitalised after trying to stop the attack, although the injuries were not life-threatening.


The police said the alleged stabbing took place after a jealous row following an incident at the birthday party, although it was not revealed what had made the boyfriend jealous.

The two women had left the party following the row, and it is believed that the suspect pursued them, stabbing his wife before driving off in a white-coloured Fiat Palio.

The young woman died at the scene before medical help could arrive.


The fact that the man’s jealousy was the motivation was apparently revealed by her sister.

Alves remains at large as the police investigation continues.

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