Trick Or Treat For Animals Celebrating Halloween In Spanish Zoo

The animals at the BIOPARC zoo in Valencia in Spain have been celebrating Halloween as a way of enriching their lives.

Keepers say that providing pumpkins with treats inside is fun for the animals, but also in this case fun for the visitors as Halloween arrives.

Using the traditional themes of ghosts, giant cobwebs, bats, skulls, tombstones, coffins and, of course, the characteristic pumpkins the animal’s enclosures were brightened up, making it more fun for them and more fun for the visitors.

The individual animals all had fun with the Halloween decorations, for example, the two lions smashed the boxes very quickly in order to reach the bloody pieces of meat inside.

The chimpanzees used a more educated approach where the adults worked out what they could eat, while youngsters like Coco and Djibril could not stop playing with toys.

Even the hippos, with the youngster Gori, enjoyed the unique Halloween “lunch”.

The ever-active meerkats were particularly keen on the tasty worms in the pumpkins while the elephants were motivated by the diversity of objects and the tasty food that, little by little, they were uncovering from the Halloween surprises.

Bioparc Valencia is owned by the City Council of Valencia and covers 10-hectares (25-acres) in the city.

It is designed and managed by Rainforest that is a local company that manages zoos.

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