Tu-160 And Tu-95 Strategic Bomber Crews Perform Tactical Exercise In Russia And In The Arctic

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  • Post published:20/07/2021
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Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, 8 July

Tu-160 (Tupolev Tu-16) and Tu-95 (Tupolev Tu-95) strategic bomber crews have launched cruise missiles at ground targets in the Arctic, during a tactical flight practice on 8th July 2021.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that the crews flew approximately 4000 kilometres (2485 miles) after taking off from an airstrip in the area of the city of Saratov which is located in southwestern Russia. No difficulties were detected during the launching operations, as the rockets successfully struck the training targets, confirming their specifications.

In addition, Tu-95MS crews of the Long-Range Aviation Formation of the Amur Oblast located in the southeast of Russia practised stern aircraft artillery shooting in the Irkutsk Oblast.


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