UK Military Open Three New Net Zero Carbon Buildings

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  • Post published:20/06/2021
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The Ministry of Defence’s Climate Change and Sustainability has officially opened three new carbon-negative structures within the Net-Zero Carbon Accommodation Programme.

The three new environmentally friendly buildings were inaugurated at Nesscliff Training Camp in Shropshire, United Kingdom.

Each new block is based on the same design as the construction team analyzing ways to reduce energy consumption and built-in carbon for each new version.

The Climate Change and Sustainability Lead for the Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant General Richard Nugee said: “What’s so exciting about this is every aspect of the building has been designed specifically to try and capture heat, try and capture the energy that we put into the building, in order to reduce the carbon footprint that these buildings create and it’s a marked improvement on some of the other buildings that we’ve already built in this style, where we’ve got ourselves down to almost sort of carbon-neutral, they’re carbon negative.

“We want them to get a good night’s sleep, we want them to be treated well so they can operate at the top of their game when they’re outside the camp on the training.

“That’s why it’s worth investing in buildings like this and I’m really excited that we’re really starting to develop with not a huge amount of money a completely new training estate in order to be able to deliver better training and therefore better capability for our soldiers, sailors and air personnel.”

Paul Ruddick, Reds10 Chairman added: “The Nesscliff buildings are an improvement on the prototype from Westdown. These buildings are net-zero operational carbon and we’ve done that by introducing a number of things into the buildings. These include solar panels on the roof, air-source heat pumps, underfloor heating and heat recovery systems in the showers and drying rooms.”

The blocks were built by Reds10, through the contract of the Defense Infrastructure Organization (DIO) with the industrial partner Landmarc Support Services.


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