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UN-BELLY-IEVABLE! Mum-To-Be’s Bump Is The Real Thing – No Kidding

A mum-to-be has shocked social media followers when she posted this footage of her massive baby bump.

The bizarre tum – when covered up with clothes – looks like a basketball stuffed up in a shirt.

But the mum-in-waiting – from Zhanjiang city, Guangdong province, China – took to Douyin ,Chinese version of TikTok, to show it is no bogus bump.

Her social media followers found the videos of her peculiar belly baffling, some joking that she would look like a shoplifter when she buys watermelons.

Some made guesses about the baby’s gender, most claiming the baby must be a boy due to the outwardly positioning of the fetus.

But the anonymous soon-to-be mother revealed that the baby’s gender is still a mystery.

She says she will not know until the birth, which she stated is due this month (July, 2022).

Pregnant woman’s ultrasound document in Zhanjiang, China. (33534646672/AsiaWire)

Others declared the videos virtual pranks, to which the woman responded by posting another video of her naked pregnant stomach and placing a bowl on top of it.

The footage shows her enormously swollen belly so prominent that she can balance a cereal bowl on top of it.

Pregnant woman shows off her belly in Zhanjiang, China. (33534646672/AsiaWire)

The astonished followers confessed they had never seen anything like that belly before and wrote they will never again make fun of pointy-looking pregnancy props in movies.

This type of pregnant stomach with the appearance of a floating ball is actually well-documented in medical terms.

Pregnant woman shows off her belly in Zhanjiang, China. (33534646672/AsiaWire)

The condition is called ‘Anteverted uterus pregnancy’ and it means that the uterus is tilted toward the front of the abdomen.

The strange condition has no impact on a mum’s general health and does not affect the ability to get pregnant.

The latter is also true for the woman who posted the videos, as she clarified that this is actually her third pregnancy and has experienced the same thing when she was pregnant with her second child.

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