US Cops Help Teen Invite Girl To Prom With Fake Bust

This is the heart-warming moment US cops help a romantic teen invite his love interest to the prom by pretending to bust them both in the school car park.

The ‘prom proposal’ took place in the city of Hodgenville in the US state of Kentucky on 31st March.

The Hodgenville Police Department posted the footage on Facebook later the same day with the message: “HPD SRO Kevin Bennett was requested by a young man to help him ask a young lady to prom. How could he say no! She said yes!”

The footage shows two burly cops asking the two students to get out of their cars before leading the boy away and making the girl carry out tests and answer questions.

At the end of the clip, the romantic teen is seen returning to the girl with flowers and a placard that reads: “Will you be my partner in crime and go to prom with me?”

Officer Bennett of the Hodgenville Police Department told Newsflash in an exclusive interview: “A student at the High School that I’m the SRO (school resource officer) at approached me about wanting assistance asking his girlfriend to prom, so we came up with a plan.”

He explained how they planned for the lovebirds to both be in the car park at around 4pm so that he, his sergeant, and the police chief could pull up with their lights flashing.

Officer Bennett said: “I spoke with the male and got him out of his vehicle, did a pat down. I wanted it to seem real life. I placed him in the back of my cruiser where his flowers and poster board his mum brought to me earlier in the day were located.

“The sergeant spoke with the female and got her out of the car. He performed an HGN (horizontal gaze nystagmus) test on her with her facing him. Like I said, I wanted it to seem real!”

While the sergeant put the nervous teen through her paces, Officer Bennett and her upcoming prom date returned with flowers and a cardboard sign.

Officer Bennett told Newsflash: “The sergeant smiled and said ‘I believe she is high on happiness’, which made her turn around and see him standing there holding the sign and flowers.”

He added: “The plan went perfectly, and she said yes!”

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