US Marshals Arrest Predator On 18 Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse After He Was Removed From Offenders List

US Marshals have arrested a convicted child abuser on 18 counts of child sexual abuse after he was removed from the sex offenders list.

Derrick Crooms, 45, who lives in Newton County in the US state of Georgia, has been arrested on 18 counts of child sexual abuse including for incidents in which he also allegedly targeted his own family members, according to Fox News quoting Newton County Sheriff’s Office records.

He was reportedly arrested at Stone Mountain , which is a large mountain park in Georgia.

Derrick Crooms (45) arrested on 18 counts of child sexual assault charges. (Newton County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

The suspect is already a convicted child abuser, but his name was reportedly removed from the sex offenders’ list. Jeanie Fulcher, now 34, told Fox: “He took my innocence when I was seven.”

She added: “I don’t know if you can ever really heal from that.”

Fulcher said that she wanted to be public with her story in a bid to encourage other people to come forwards and speak with the authorities.

Crooms was jailed for 20 years 1996 for molesting Fulcher, but according to Fox he only served four years and in 2017 he successfully asked a judge to remove his name from the list despite his victim’s objections.

Fulcher said: “Their argument was that he was a changed man and he was a model citizen that didn’t get in trouble anymore, hasn’t committed crimes since.”

She added: “I do think that our justice system has failed us. I believe that once you plead guilty to raping children, molestation charges, you shouldn’t get out of prison at all. You shouldn’t get a second chance.”

Caitlin Jett, spokesperson for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, is quoted by Fox as saying: “On behalf Sheriff Ezell Brown, I want to thank all of the agencies that helped bring him in and arrest him.”

She added: “He’s off the streets.”

There are currently no details regarding the latest child sex abuse charges that Crooms faces.

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