VID: TRUCKY BREAK: Russian Drone Takes Out Ammo Transporter

Russian military chiefs have released footage claiming to show a dramatic direct hit by a drone on a Ukrainian ammunition truck.

The colour footage shows what appears to be a bright blue vehicle on what looks like farmland being targeted by an aerial vehicle before it explodes.

Newsflash obtained the images from the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD), which did not provide a statement, yesterday evening (Wednesday, 6th April).

Russian Army destroyed a cargo transport with ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in April, 2022, in Ukraine. (@mil/Newsflash)

The footage is said to have been shot somewhere in Ukraine but it is unclear where.

The Russian MoD only said that the footage showed the “destruction of heavy military vehicle with APU ammunition”, adding that “the truck is destroyed by an unmanned aerial vehicle strike”.


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