Viral: Moment Monkey Nabs Phone From 2 Teens Filming TikTok Dance


This is the viral moment a cheeky monkey steals a girl’s mobile phone as she films herself performing a TikTok dance with her stepsister.

The incident was filmed by TikTok user ‘Annisa’ (‘annisadwiatikah2’), 16, from the city of Medan in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra and was shared on social media on 13th April.

The video has amassed a huge view count of 19.5 million with 3.3 million likes since being uploaded to TikTok.


Annisa said she was recording a TikTok dance with her stepsister near their home when the monkey appeared and nabbed her phone.

She said she positioned her phone on the ground and started filming when she noticed a figure behind her.

Annisa soon realised it was a wild monkey and decided to run for safety as they are known to be dangerous, however she never expected the cheeky simian to nick her phone.


She said the monkey dropped the phone while trying to escape with it and Annisa was overjoyed that she caught the whole thing on camera, later becoming a viral hit.

In the footage, the two teens are seen starting a dance routine before a monkey suddenly appears in the background and the pair run off screen in fear.

The monkey checks out the phone and grabs hold of it before the footage cuts.


TikTok user ‘Arri’ said: “Monkey said ‘you got any games?’”

Netizen ‘Maria Grace’ joked: “It just wants to join TikTok!”

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