Woman Braids Dogs Long Hair So Tightly It Cant Close Its Eyes

A Chinese woman braids her daughter’s Yorkshire Terrier’s long fur so tightly it cannot close its eyes after saying she wanted to remove the hair so it could see better.

The patient pooch was filmed allowing the woman to braid its long fur at their home in the city of Shenyang in the north-eastern Chinese province of Liaoning, bordering with North Korea.

But as the procedure comes to the end, the skin is stretched so tightly that it looks as if the little pooch cannot even close its eyes.


Dog owner Ms Wang said she raised her little Yorkshire Terrier since it was a puppy and that its hair grew so long it covered its eyes.

When Ms Wang’s mother came to visit, she decided to braid the dog’s fur to help it see better.

In the video clip, the cute dog is seen patiently allowing the woman to pull its fur back and braid it into a pretty ponytail complete with a couple of hairbands to keep it in place.


The second video shows the woman brushing the Yorkshire Terrier’s fur after finishing the ponytail.

In the third video, the dog is seen with its long fur completely covering its eyes before the owner’s mum got to work braiding it.

One Douyin user said: “It looks like what my mother did to my hair when I was a kid.”


Netizen ‘Edge_EnervateBar’ commented: “Puppy: Growl! It hurts!”


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