Woman Knocked Out After Being Thrown To Tarmac By Arresting Cop In California As Relatives Scream

This is the moment a California cop throws a woman to the ground and knocks her out in front of her screaming relatives.

The incident took place in the city of Fairfield in Solano County in the US state of California on 20th October 2020.

The police released the footage this week after the incident came under scrutiny on social media.

Fairfield Police Department/Newsflash

The Fairfield Police Department said they were called to a neighbourhood about a family brawl involving a “man threatening people with a knife”.

The man allegedly threatening other people with a knife was arrested.

However, at that point, three women started obstructing the police and one of them was thrown to the ground.

Fairfield Police Department/Newsflash

In the footage, the woman appears to be unconscious as angry relatives start shouting at the officer responsible.

The police said the woman was resisting attempts to be handcuffed and confirmed that her head had hit the pavement leaving her knocked out.

The police said an ambulance arrived on the scene and that the victim had already regained consciousness before being taken to hospital.

Fairfield Police Department/Newsflash

She received medical treatment and was soon released.

The police released the body-cam footage on Monday to be transparent with the public. Their statement also says: “The video on social media only shows a segment of the situation. The woman who was injured had interfered with the arrest of another party and shoved officers.

“She then actively resisted attempts to put her in handcuffs and an officer took her to the ground. In the process, her head hit the pavement and she lost consciousness.

Fairfield Police Department/Newsflash

“Officers immediately called paramedics to the scene. The woman regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital for treatment and released. No formal external complaint was ever filed with the police department.”

According to local news site KRON4, the woman is called Diana Santos and she is being represented by attorney John Ambrosio, who is working with the Solano County District Attorney’s office with the goal of having two charges filed against her dismissed.

The police department have said that no formal complaints have been filed over the incident, but KRON4 reports that the family have filed a civil suit against the city of Fairfield and the local police.

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