World Tour Of Rooster That Crows Until He Faints Cancelled Because Of Lockdown

The farmer who owns a celebrity rooster so determined to crow longer than anyone else that he runs out of breath and faints has had to cancel a planned world tour, including a trip to the UK, after Turkey went into lockdown.

Okan Gokbudak, 28, the owner of the determined rooster Bahtiyar, who has been shown in viral footage crowing so much that he falls over, said the most exciting part of the trip was the invitation to join Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden on Heart Breakfast.

He said: “The producers of the show contacted me at the end of April, they said that they talked about my rooster Bahtiyar on their show and thought it was great. They want to include us as a guest on the show and invited us to England.

Okan Gokbudak/Newsflash

“Unfortunately, I cannot travel due to the pandemic. However, getting this invitation made me very happy. Bahtiyar’s international reputation is growing steadily.”

He added that people had been in touch from all over the world with offers of thousands of pounds to buy the Denizli rooster after it became a global celebrity status for its extremely long crowing technique at his farm near the western Turkish city of Denizli.

In one clip, Gokbudak is heard bursting into laughter as he films the bird running out of puff during a hearty crow and dropping to the ground.

Okan Gokbudak/Newsflash

He said however that it was not an isolated incident, and the bird collapses every time it crows.

He said: “My rooster was crowing in the henhouse and I just looked at it because the noise just went on and on, and then I noticed that the bird started to shake before suddenly passing out.”

He added: “I decided to film it and when I shared on social media, my rooster became an overnight celebrity.

Okan Gokbudak/Newsflash

“I guess the reason it passed out is because it was simply too ambitious. He doesn’t know when to stop, which means it keeps running out of breath and then faints.

“I know they have a reputation for crowing a lot, but I have to admit that this is certainly not usual even for this breed.”

He said his only worry now is that someone might steal the rooster and has to keep an eye on it all the time in case it gets snatched.

Okan Gokbudak/Newsflash

“I would never leave it alone because I’m afraid someone will steal it. I keep it in a cage in my room at night and then in the coop when I’m at work during the day.”

Roosters are one of Denizli’s most important symbols and crowing times of 20 to 25 seconds are often recorded in their first year.

The rooster has dark eyes, dark coloured chest plumage, and black legs, with golden feathers above, and sometimes red feathering on the wings. The males typically weigh over 3 kilogrammes.

Okan Gokbudak/Newsflash

The bird has been a symbol of the region for almost a thousand years as confirmed by excavation works at Laodicea that found a 900-year-old image of a Denizli Rooster used as a symbol of the city.

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