Aerobatics Group “Russian Knight” Prepare A Special Flight Program For International Military-Technical Event ARMY-2021

The aerobatics group “Russian Knights” has updated its flight program for the
International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2021.

The 7th International Military-Technical Forum Army-2021 organized and fully supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation will be held from 22nd till 28th August 2021.

The group will perform in a row a bend and a Nesterov loop in the afterburner mode of the engines.

As part of four crews, the “Russian Knights” will perform the elements: “barrel”, “loop” with a 180-degree turn on the descending part and the “ear” manoeuvre, including a combat turn, half-roll and half-coup.

In addition to the “Russian Knights”, the crews of the aerobatic teams “Swifts” and “Berkut” will show their skills during the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2021.

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