ALL HANDS ON WRECK: Boaters Flee Terrifying Yacht Fire

Terrified boaters had to leap for safety when their luxury cruiser went up on a fireball off the coast of Mississippi.

US Coast Guard helicopter footage of the dramatic rescue shows seven people in the water in life jackets with a dog as they wait to be picked up.

Smoke can be seen pouring out of the yacht, which caught fire close to the coastal town of Gulfport on 21st May.

US Coast Guard rescues seven people and a dog from a vessel fire near Gulfport, Mississippi, May 21, 2022. (U.S. Coast Guard District 8/Clipzilla)

Within minutes, the boat is ablaze with huge flames shooting from the engine compartment.

As the helicopter drops liferafts, a US Coast Guard rescue ship closes in to haul the boaters to safety.

Loca media reports all were saved without injury.

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