ALPING HAND: Couple Use Ladder To Climb Mountain

A climbing-mad couple have revealed how they can scale the most dizzying heights using a special ‘iron road’ which makes mountains safer.

A video released by the pair shows them using a Via Ferrata to climb a Swiss peak.

The system – little known outside climbing circles – is a pathway of fixed pegs, cables and even ladders leading up a mountain slope.

Mr. Boris Bettex and Mrs. Bogna Klimek climbing Via Ferrata Daubenhorn on the 21st of August 2021 in Switzerland. (@viaferrata_helvetica/Clipzilla)

It means even the trickiest peaks can be conquered in relative safety.

The couple’s video of their climb was recorded in the municipality of Leukerbad, in the district of Leuk, located in the Southern area of Switzerland, on 21st August, 2021 and posted on social media, on 7th May, 2022.

They are shown using fixed pegs hammered into the sheer rockface as hand and footholds.

Then they are seen scampering up a metal ladder and using a metal cable rope bridge to reach the summit with a sheer 10,000ft drop below them.

The climbers told Newsflash:”We are Mr. Boris Bettex and Mrs. Bogna Klimek, a couple living in Geneva, Switzerland.”

They added: “We are both 31 years old and practice mountaineering in our free time for 3 years now.

“The video was recorded on 21st August 2021 in Leukerbad, Switzerland. The name of the climb is Via Ferrata Daubenhorn.”

Via Ferratas are dotted around mountain peaks all around the world as a way of making the climbs safer.

The couple said: It is a beautiful and accessible way to discover the world of climbing and mountaineering.

“Via Ferratas allow non-expert climbers to reach high altitudes in a safe way, using minimum equipment.”

In 2020, they created their own Instagram celebrating the method and have climbed more than 30 different Via Ferratas.

They said: “Via Ferrata has become more and more popular during the COVID 19 pandemic. It is a great way to enjoy the mountains.”


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