Black Mamba Poos On Snake Catcher After He Wrecks Its Chance Of Mating With Female

This is the moment a black mamba poos on a South African snake catcher who foiled its chance of getting it on with a nearby female.

Snake expert Arnold Jason, based in the city of Durban, caught the 2.8-metre-long male black mamba outside a family home in the town Verulam in the eastern South African province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Jason, who caught the snake during a Facebook LIVE streaming event, says in the footage: “It’s another boy. This is the third boy coming out of here so there has to be a female around here. They can smell her.

Dala U Crew/Newsflash

“It is mating season for black mambas and they want to live with her so that as soon as the mating season starts they are already there.”

He said “I can only assume it is a girl attracting all these boys because there is no other reason”, adding that the female has not yet been caught.

Jason placed the black mamba in a sack and later released it back into the wild in a safer location.

Dala U Crew/Newsflash

A spokesperson for the Dala U Crew who filmed the video told Newsflash: “It was a little scary for everybody standing there, but we all felt a bit easy knowing Jason Arnold was handling the snake, given the hundreds of different times his come out to the area to catch and safely release them.

“The snake initially coiled up and seemed like a juvenile, but once Jason moved the greenery out of the way, we began to get really shaky knowing this was probably close to three metres long and seemed well fed.

“Nevertheless we felt fairly confident, even with Africa’s deadliest snake staring us down. Jason’s calm demeanour rubs off on you and you don’t panic as much as you would if you didn’t have a professional handling the animal.”

Dala U Crew/Newsflash

The Dala U Crew spokesperson told Newsflash: “Jason called me about 15 minutes before the live video and informed me about a potential “small” black mamba in Mount View in Verulam.

“It is the third time in as many weeks that Jason caught a black mamba in that area. Verulam in general seems to have a relatively high amount of venomous snakes considering where the recent calls are coming from.

“With black mamba mating season coming up, we can only expect the calls to increase. We would advice all residents of KwaZulu-Natal to always clean up your garages, gardens and sheds on a regular basis to ensure a snake does not get into it.”

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