Camel Carvings Etched Into Rocks In Saudi Arabian Desert Date Back 8,000 Years

Researchers have announced that the sized camel carvings etched into the side of rocks in a Saudi Arabian desert - initially believed to be 2,000 years old - actually date back as far as 6,000BC. The 21 monumental reliefs at the Camel Site in Al Jawf in north-western Saudi Arabia have initially dated back to the Nabataean period 2,000 years ago, but a new study has revealed that the carvings are actually much older. Researchers from the Saudi Ministry of Culture, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human ...
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Moment Benidorm Lifeguard Risks Life In Choppy Sea To Save Tourist Who Fell From Cliff While Taking Selfie

This is the moment a Benidorm lifeguard battles his way to a Ukrainian tourist lying face-down in the sea and being buffeted against the rocks by strong waves after she fell from a cliff while taking a selfie. The 26-year-old Ukrainian woman was rescued off the coast of Benidorm in the Spanish province of Alicante on 14th September, and she is reportedly fighting for her life in hospital. According to the news site Telecinco, the woman slipped and fell from a cliff in the area of Balcon del Mar while ...
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Moment Motorised Tricycle Drives Off On Its Own And Hits House And 2 Parked Cars

This is the moment a motorised tricycle drives off on its own and crashes into a car and a house before coming to a stop when it hits another car. The footage was filmed in the city of Anyang in Henan Province in central China on 14th September. In the video, a man in a red T-shirt is seen walking past the red motorised tricycle when it suddenly appears to come to life on its own and takes off, driving in a large arc before hitting the wall of a ...
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Turkish Man Casually Walks And Chats On The Phone Whilst A Building Collapses Right Next To Him

This is the moment a man casually chats on his phone completely ignoring the apartment block collapsing just a few meters away whilst two other men run for their lives as debris tumbles towards them. The video was recorded in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu in Turkey, where severe flooding damaged several buildings so badly that the government decided to have them torn down. In the footage one of the countless buildings devastated by the flooding is being torn down, but three people are still well within the range of ...
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Fossil Of Giant Four Foot Penguin That Roamed New Zealand 30 Million Years Discovered By School Children

The 34-million-year old remains of a giant penguin that would have been 4.7 foot tall when it was alive and was found by schoolkids on a fossil hunting trip is of a previously unknown species, scientists have revealed. A research team from Massey University and Connecticut's Bruce Museum confirmed that the fossilised remains found by the kids on a Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club (JUNATS) fossil hunting field trip in New Zealand's Kawhia Harbour in 2006 belonged to a species that was previously unknown. The researcher published the result of their ...
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