Woman Dumps Boyfriend In Middle Of Nowhere For Abandoning Her Dog Because It Was Not A Pedigree

This is the viral moment a woman takes her boyfriend to the middle of nowhere on the pretence of gifting him with a puppy before she abandons him for dumping her dog because it was not a pedigree. The incident was reportedly filmed in Mexico and the footage was shared on Facebook by the group ‘Enterate de Algo’ where it has been viewed 17 million times. According to the local media, the man, name not disclosed, abandoned his girlfriend’s dog called Navy because it was not purebred. Woman (right) takes ...
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Kind Lawyer Accepts Crabs As Payment From Hard Up Client

A kind lawyer has become a minor celebrity after letting his client pay for his services in crabs, as he was short on cash. Lawyer Noel Allen Bose of Sorsogon City in the Philippines took to Facebook on 16th June to reveal that a client had paid him in crabs, as he could not afford his appearance fee for a court hearing. He posted a photo of himself dressed in formal attire outside the courtroom holding his briefcase in one hand and a bundle of crabs in the other. Filipino ...
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Shocking Photos Show Huge Rubbish Dump Within Chinese National Park

These shocking photos show heaps of rubbish have accumulated on the Tibetan Plateau, the so-called "roof of the world", in what experts say is a major environmental threat. The snaps taken in the Hoh Xil region in China's north-western Qinghai Province show the recently discovered rubbish patch measuring 200 by 20 metres (656 by 66 ft). The photos show how the area normally famed for its natural beauty is strewn with cans, plastic containers, discarded clothing and even dead animals including sheep and yaks. A large garbage spot about 200 ...
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Cologne Zoo Welcomes Extremely Rare Dancing Lemurs From The USA

A zoo in Germany has welcomed an extremely rare pair of dancing lemurs native to northwest Madagascar which were brought from the Duke Lemur Center in the USA. Two medium-sized lemurs of the sifaka genus Propithecus (Propithecus coquereli) or commonly known as Coquerel's sifakas settled in the Cologne Zoo in the German city of Cologne in the end of May 2021. The animals are nicknamed dancing lemurs because of the way they move as if they are dancing around the floor. One of the two new sifaka lemurs that were ...
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Moment Man Rams Pickup Truck Into Police Cars At Over 100 MPH, Resulting In Fiery Explosion

This is the moment a man rams his car into a mobile command post at over 100 miles per hour, resulting in a fiery explosion. The incident took place in the census-designated place of Denair in the US state of California on the night of 14th June. The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department had received a call earlier in the evening from the wife of 39-year-old Javier Cueto-Aldaz, who said her husband was suicidal and had a knife. The 39-year-old Javier Cueto-Aldaz driving over 170 kilometres per hour before he crashed ...
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