DEADLY JOKE: Comics Fan Who Stabbed Two Teens While Dressed As Joker Busted After Prison Break

A comic book fan who stabbed two teens while disguised as the Joker has been caught by the police less than 24 hours after he broke out of prison where he had been jailed for attempted murder.

The offender, Norman Eilenberger, 31, was jailed after trying to stab two friends, identified as Tracy, 15, and Philipp, 19, while disguised as DC Comics’ supervillain, the Joker, in September 2015.

He reportedly invited them to his apartment in the Gohlis area in the city of Leipzig for some pasta and wine, and at one point appeared in front of them with his face covered in quark after a short bathroom break.

Eilenberger then attempted to slaughter both of them, but they managed to escape despite being severely injured.

Philipp said: “He bought us wine and offered us a place to sleep. I was half asleep when he bent over me and stabbed me.

“There he suddenly stood, pointed his finger at me and laughed.”

Tracy added: “When I realised what was happening, I ran.”

The Leipzig District Court later jailed Eilenberger for nine years in Germany’s oldest correction facility – the JVA Waldheim Prison – infamous for accommodating Nazi and communist prisoners.

However, after having spent almost seven years in jail, Eilenberger successfully escaped on Friday evening, 19th August, after prison guards left him outside unattended, according to local media.

After the went missing, the police deployed several helicopters and canine units and immediately initiated a search.

After witnesses saw the fugitive board a train to another city, the police caught him the next day, on Saturday, 20th August, near the Chemnitz shopping centre ‘Sachsen-Allee’.

Police spokesman Andrzej Rydzik, 36, said: “He was found drunk. Neither a knife nor other weapons could be found.”

The police brought the 31-year-old criminal back to prison where he will have to serve time until 2024. It is currently unclear if he will serve additional time over the prison break.

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