GATOR RAID: Fleeing Alligator Wedges Itself Under Florida Cop Car

This snap shows a fearsome alligator wedged under a cop car after fleeing from capture.

Officers had been called to Leesburg in the sunshine state by terrified locals to round up the fearsome reptile.

But as officers tried to get a grip on it, the ‘gator sprinted towards their patrol car and wedged itself underneath.

Alligator gets stuck beneath Florida police car in July 2022. (@LeesburgPolice1/Newsflash)

Fortunately, the police were able to “safely extract” the beast and transfer it to a safer location in the wild.

Leesburg Police Department said on 20th July: “Well, we don’t see this every day…While helping wrangle this alligator, it fled under one of our traffic units at full speed and wedged itself underneath the car.”

The police added: “We are pleased to report the gator was safely extracted and there was no permanent damage to the vehicle!”

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